Sunday, February 20, 2011

blue print for congress

A blueprint for congress What they need to do to get this country back on A sound financial basis. First make english the official language of the U. S. All official government documents and voting ballots to be printed in english only. If any one needs an interpater it would be up to them to furnish one. No government equity or business should be required by law to furnish one. that would save the government billions. second pass the right to work law . that would give businesses an opertunity to hire cheaper labor .Thereby creating more jobs , creating new businesses and all these people with new jobs would be paying taxes instead of the govrnment having to support them. Third raise out top income bracket on personal income from the present 35 persent one persent for every 100 thousand after the first 250 thousand up to 90 persent 4th reinstate the inheritance tax with A three million exemption then 10 percent on the fourth million and increase it 10 percent for each additional million up to 50 percent 5th make everybody pay the social security withholding tax on all of their income and return any tax collected on social security payments back in to the social security funds .that would solve the problem of the social security short fall,.If these recomendations were passed we would soon have the national debt paid off and our economy back on track. And we could save 50 percent on the taxes we are paying now because that is presently being used to pay the interest on the national debt If we use social security and medicare funds to pay off the national debt we are taking the money away from the poor people that need the money while the big money people and the unions that are responsible for the trouble we are in . so they should be paying the bill My opinion by John Zilverberg.

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Roger Day said...

Hi John...I was just reading through your blog and noticed that back in this year and previously you were pretty strong for what made sense..what exactly turned you into a fan of our current president who is doing everything you once said was wrong...I pray for our president but cannot agree with a man who does not even seem to like this country...anyway..this post from years back was when you were writing good stuff...God bless.