Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arizona's Law

There has been A lot of fuss about Arizona’s new emigration law. Seems to me it is just supporting the federal emigrattion law. Every state ought to pass the same law then the states might be able to enforce the law which the federal government has failed to do.It’s easy to see why the illegal emigrants and their friends wouldn’t like the law.Criminals never like laws that criminalize them .But what would A country be like if we didn’t have laws and laws should be enforced.congress finaly passed A wallstreet regulation bill. And I hope it helps but I am afraid it is only A band aid on the big problem. While wall street seems to be prospering again We still have nearly 10 percent of our population out of jobs and many people losing their homes. We have to get this downtroden part of our population back into the main street, working and paying taxes. We are creating A society of have and have nots. We need to create some laws to level the playing field. Right now big money is running the show and they are running it to benefit themselves without regard to what it is doing to the country and the rest of the population . My opinion by John Zilverberg

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Douglas said...

A nation isn't a nation if it can't control its own borders.

The open borders advocates are unwittingly those who have a desire to turn the US into another third world failed state.